What is GelaVis HA

GelaVis HA is the world’s first anti-aging novelty. It was first introduced at the beginning of 2019 in the field of aesthetic, orthopedic and sports medicine. It contains a unique ratio of two forms of biotechnologically produced hyaluronic acid.


GelaVis HA is Switzerland’s „cousin in a capsule“ is the world’s most effective osteoarthritis injection (joint injection RenehaVis, Switzerland). As the only product in the category, it contains dual hyaluronic acid with a precisely defined molecular composition.

  1. Dual hyaluronic acid presents more complex regenerative anti- inflammatory effects
  2. The daily dose of GelaVis HA (100-200 mg / day) is consistent with the results of published clinical studies
  3. GelaVis HA is manufactured according to international production standards to achieve maximum purity and biological efficacy of the active substances


The use of hyaluronic acid (HA) has become a trend in many medical fields in recent years, including aesthetic medicine and the prevention of aging. One of the key organs in understanding the relationship between skin and whole body health and the application of hyaluronic acid are the intestines. GelaVis HA is a small white capsule that dissolves in the intestines when swallowed.


  1. Improves the elasticity of tissues and organs, joints, tendons, ligaments and skin
  2. It reduces whole body inflammation and regulates local inflammation
  3. Increases the production of collagen, elastin and other supportive substances for tissue and organ regeneration
  4. Deactivates free radicals both inside cells and in the intercellular space
  1. It acts against premature aging of cells
  2. Improves wound and tissue healing after injuries and operations
  3. Hydrates the skin, cartilage and soft tissues and thus improves the metabolism
  4. It supports the immune system and the growth of mucous membranes, is a part of healthy mucosal mucus

Scientific work and clinical studies with hyaluronic acid used internally (capsules) worldwide focus on the following:

Wrinkles and lines (100-200mg /day once a day)

We cannot stop skin aging, but we can slow it down. 100mg of hyaluronic acid in one capsule is an amount that will protect you from premature aging, soften the wrinkles and the lines.

Dry skin

(100-200mg /day once a day)

If you suffer from dry skin for various reasons, GelaVis HA together with a sufficient amount of fluids will provide the skin with sufficient hydration and improve its quality and appearance.

Loose and weakened skin (100-200mg /day once a day)


Our skin starts to age naturally from the age of 25. GelaVis HA promotes the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Your skin will gain firmness and elasticity.

Aesthetic medicine clinics procedures (100-200mg /day once a day)

Using GelaVis HA before and after aesthetic medicine treatments (fillings, plastic surgeries, laser treatment, etc.), GelaVis HA provides support for healing and regeneration, especially in the deeper layers of the skin (dermis). It improves scar quality and tissue regeneration.

Osteoarthritis of the joints, damage to the ligaments and tendons (100-300mg /day once a day)

Your body will be in good condition with GelaVis HA. The ligaments, tendons and joints will be strengthened, and the process of tissue regeneration and renewal (visco-induction) will begin.

Conditions after injuries and operations (100-300mg /day once a day)

GelaVis HA will help you after injuries and operations on ligaments, tendons and soft tissues. For faster regeneration, improved healing and scar quality, we recommend starting to use the product at least 14 days before the surgery or immediately after the injury.

Vaginal atrophy

(200mg once a day for at least 3 months – 6 months)

The studies show the renewal and thickening of the vaginal mucosa, an increase in the number of mucosal layers and mucosal cells. The symptoms of sexual discomfort, urological and other symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy (itching, burning, soreness) subside or disappear.

Dry Eye Syndrome (DED)

(200mg once a day for at least 3 months or continuously)

Hyaluronic acid supports the formation and metabolism of tears. It improves the quality of the corneal mucosa. Also an improvement appears with clients who are using the artificial tears at the same time.

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