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We are a Swiss pharmaceutical company, Noviere, specializing in the development of innovative technologies, marketing and distribution of medical products. We believe that the highly specialized technologies at our disposal offer exceptional benefits to all patients and healthcare system providers in the following therapeutic areas: orthopedics, sports medicine, rheumatology, gastroenterology, proctology and aesthetic medicine.

From the very beginning, we have used the latest findings about the role of hyaluronic acid as naturally occurring compound in the human body.

The best quality available

The philosophy of our company assumes the use of only and exclusively certified and patented bioactive raw materials supplied by European producers meeting theEuropean quality standards.

The products we put on the market are based on high quality raw materials and patented processing technology . We use different hyaluronic acid functions in the tissue under different concentration and molecular weight parameters.

For more information about the company and technologies used in our products, please visit:

As the only company in the world, we introduced HA in the form of a mucoadhesive silver ion biopolymer called GAF for the treatment of proctological diseases. TRUD is the only product in the world using HA of two molecular weights and is supplied to the patients with ulcerative colitis through a drip.


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